CENTR (Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries) is the European association of ccTLDs (country code Top-Level Domains).


The members are organisations that administer the ccTLDs. CENTR is a non-profit trade association based in Brussels. The organisation has a European focus, but for historical reasons it also has members from outside Europe (e.g. Iran, Japan, New Zealand and Canada).

DIFO’s work in CENTR

In CENTR, DIFO shares knowledge with the other European administrators of ccTLDs on various topics, including security, internet governance and innovation. This work is of great legal and commercial importance for DIFO, as this is where we gather and share ideas, experience and knowledge about challenges, solutions, methods and products that can develop the internet sector and domain administration.


CENTR holds a number of professional meetings each year, which DIFO also attends.

Service and the latest knowledge

CENTR facilitates studies for and among its members to explore how other members manage DNSSEC, suspensions, whois databases, complaints boards etc. The organisation also compiles statistics for all members, which are published for members on a monthly basis. Through CENTR, DIFO maintains a strong overview of the technical, administrative, legal and market developments among the other European administrators. 


CENTR’s working groups

CENTR also has a number of working groups that meet three times a year, focusing on areas such as technology, innovation, security, law, administration and marketing. DIFO participates in every groups with relevant professionals. The working groups discuss relevant issues, gathering knowledge on best practices and inspiration for improvements by the respective domain administrators. This knowledge-sharing between administrators benefits registrars and registrants throughout Europe.

General Assembly

CENTR holds an annual General Assembly, a two-day forum for cooperation at the management level, which DIFO also attends.


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